Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

September Meeting

Flash writing was postponed this month due to our guest speaker, Barbara Rushing.

Congratulations to Marian Poe for winning this month's Members Only Mini Contest with her story, Without You.

The October MOMC was announced by Barbara Moore:

Write a short story of 250-1000 words (1-4 pages double-spaced) about a school prank.

We also had a great Round-Robin reading before our guest speaker.

The meeting was rounded out with a discussion by Barbara Moore about her own publishing past as well as the publishing history of her husband Troy during his life and posthumously.

*** This blog will be moving in the near future. More info to come in the near future ***

Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Meeting

We had four guests at our meeting - Francis Edwards, Letty Kerry, Ken Martin, and Cassie Martin.

Flash writing topics were:

- Going back to school
- Dog days of summer
- My special rain dance
- Open topic

Marian Poe won the Members Only Mini-Contest with her story, "Danger at the Mall".

The topic for this month was provided by Christy Cowden:
Write a dialogue driven scene of 500 words or less.

Jim McClain infornmed us of upcoming book signings in support of his novel Double-Team Trap (official dates to be announced):
Shreveport Elks Lodge - September
Barnes & Noble - October/November

As always, we ended the meeting with another Round-Robin reading session that showcased a lot of great writing!

***REMINDER - yearly dues of $20 are due.***

Monday, July 18, 2011

July Meeting Writeup

Due to an issue with the facility (which has been resolved), the meeting was shortened, and Flash Writing did not take place.

We had one visitor - Kristi Allen.

The Members Only Mini-Contest was won by Marian Poe.

Bonnie McEwan provided us with the topic to be turned in at the August Meeting:

Write a free-verse poem of 1-50 words on any topic.

As always, the meeting was rounded out with a Round-Robin Reading session.

Since the meeting, it's been reported by Treasurer Dave Hicks that our issues with the bank. We have switched branches and spoken with more knowledgeable representatives who helped us sign up as a Not-For-Profit which helps us waive fees.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June Meeting

This month's meeting started with Flash Writing. The topics were:

1) It's so hot...
2) The truth is out there
3) It was a miracle
4) My greatest invention
5) Open topic

Congratulations to this month's Member's Only Mini Contest winner - Marian Poe.

The current topic to be turned in at the July meeting was presented by Dave Hicks:

Write a fiction piece in story or play form (max 1000 words) in which a crime occurs.
3-4 pages of prose or 6-8 for script

We discussed some issues we are having with our current bank charging us fees. We are considering registering the organization as a Not-For-Profit. We need to do so in order to get a Tax ID number.

We lack the proper information on how to accomplish this, so anyone willing to help would be greatly appreciated.

We're still looking for members to bring in reflective pieces to help us organize a "talent pool".

As always, we ended the meeting with Round Robin readings.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Meeting

This month, we had one guest - Stephanie Newbern.

Flash writing consisted of the following topic choices:

1) My Momma Said
2) The Truth is Out there
3) It Was a Miracle
4) My Greatest Invention
5) Anything is Game

We discussed options for adding critiquing to our meetings. More to come on that in upcoming meetings.

MOMC - Congratulations to Marian Poe for winning this month's contest!

The topic for this month was presented by Christy Cowden:

Write a historical fiction piece of 1000 words or less.

As always, the meeting was rounded out with presentation of Making a Mark pens and Round Robin readings.


Members attending the June meeting are asked to bring a short writeup or background on themselves. What resources can you bring for other writers in the group? What interests and activities are you involved in? How can another writer use you as a resource?